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Sally's Journal
August 8th, 2004
01:34 am


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Wow, another list of what i'd write in LJ if there was time to write any LJ. Where was I last? Just back off Campus?

Well, there was a lovely evening with very nice food which reminded me how lucky I was to live with such nice people. And an *actually successful* game of starcraft where other people delt with the attacks and I just took round my air troops of doom killing people until I couldn't find anyone left.

Then mum came down... no, this is turning into a write up, just a list for now will do..

Mum, St Ives, nice day (lovely dinner)
Mum, Lincoln.
Home, lots of foster kids, lots of fun
Home, James Blaylock (who forgot the only reason he was visiting), M drove up.

Manchester. Wedding.
Manchester. Saw Kate (very nice, even though there is nothing to do in Bolton but get confused about carparks it was still great to see her) Cambridge. lark_ascending's house cooling party, where lots of people looked very very lovely (and *were* very very lovely)

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