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Sally's Journal
June 19th, 2004
01:11 am


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An excessive rant about St Eds "Mayball"

Stolen from #assassins

Atreic wouldn't recommend St Ed's ball to anyone.
well, it was only event price, so I didn't expect anything too shiney
but you had to pay for *all* the food and drink
not even say, two free drinks and a burger
and it had rained, so the outside stuff was too wet to go on
there was no great shiney things like dodgems, but there was a
bucking bronko, a sumo suit and an inflatable obstical course, which
were too cold and damp to be remotely appealing, when most of the
time they'd have made me go "ooh, shiney"
the music was balge, there was no dancing, no ceiligh or any ballroom
we came across, and the comedy was unfunny
(they said there was ballroom 9 - 12, but there wasn't)
the organisation was pants, the comedy bill was running an hour late
and noone knew what to do with casino winnings or what the point of
them was
even the commitee. And it was cold
* Atreic stops ranting...
but the saddist thing was that M is now even more convinced that
Mayballs are boring and overpriced and a Bad Thing
whereas I really love them, and wanted to persuade him to go to
Queens or Clare (or both ;-) ) next year...

On the bright side, the company was good, the food and drink was very heavilly subsidised, seeing Kate and Nigel was lovely and it was good to catch up with the Mathmo girls. And it was great to be out with M, who looked stunning. And staying up all night with the borders readthrough tomorrow was never going to happen.

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Date:June 18th, 2004 06:31 pm (UTC)
can I be girly and ask what you wore? I've not been to anything ballish for ages (except the wedding!) and haven't ahd a chance to wear a cool dress for nearly as long (the wedding, obviously, and Adrian had me wear a new ball drss when we went to Phantom). So I crave girly dress details :-)
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