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Oh yes, CDC ball night. Well, I had a suitably busy and happy… - Sally's Journal
June 15th, 2004
12:10 pm


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Oh yes, CDC ball night. Well, I had a suitably busy and happy mayweek weekend, and am now trying to keep things a little calmer so I don't flake out altogether and can actually enjoy the things I do do. Plus I have a tonne of stuff to sort out, so a little time sat at home enjoying my own company might persuade me to do it.

Friday I woke up in time for the show, which was good, and then came home to try and make the house decent before the party. Went through the usual pre-party panic (noone will come, they'll all come and laugh at me, they'll all come and hate each other, they'll all come and be scared of each other, all my friends behaviours will reflect on me until noone likes me at all...) but M was eventually lovely and sorted me out. It was great to see everyone, and as always the worst thing about the party was not having enough time to talk to everyone enough. It cliqued a bit, but then there was so little overlap between the groups that it was always going to. I'd like to learn how to be a good hostess and stylishly help people to mingle, but I haven't got it yet. It would be nice to run some little dinner parties for a few friends at a time so that they all knew each other a bit better. (Bewarre Geek Social Fallicy n, that all your friends should like each other, but some of my friends might like each other and it would do them all good to get to meet more people) Besides, people were enjoying themselves in their cliques, so it wasn't a bad thing.

Spent the start of the party politely talking to a girl with no clue as to who she was, frantically wishing M would come over and introduce me. This lead to much squeeing when I discovered she was enismerdal, a strange feeling to know someone really well and still be unable to recognise them. (I had this at the ball as well, I knew terrium was there somewhere, and indeed had whittled her down to one of the ones in ostrich feathers, but beyond that... *shrug*) Only my mathmos could spend half the party watching a flash of cornflour, but I love them for it (and it was such a cool film!) It confused piqueen though - "I heard they were watching Corn Flower and assumed it was a pron star I hadn't heard of"... It was good. I was very impressed to see Susan out (cycling all the way to Girton, and mingling with vast numbers of strange people) and... oh, it was all good. Stayed on top of my fear and hatred of parties for nearly all of it too.

Saturday was more show again (and I know CULES president is a hard job, but just a little more focus on the easy bits like "turning up on time" would go a long way) Once we were out of the rain it because much easier, M liked the show, (and even thought I was funny!) The scripts this year were superb, and I'll be scarred for life by the thought of James in pink fishnets. Hence to the garden party (via a brief incident of me dealing slightly less than idealy with critisicm - sorry, M!) where we weren't exactly welcome yet as the garden party wasn't ready. I didn't want to get in the way, but I had nothing else to do (living in Girton cripples you like that) and would have been happy being given any menial chore, or just being told to stand in the corner. Tancredi remains lovely as always. I hope I don't scare him too much. And he'd better keep in touch...

Then the Veilza... (gosh, this is going to be longer than my part III essay by the time it's done. Somehow this feels like my "last" mayweek, and so suddenly diary entrys and photographs become important) I started off in a vile mood (I'd been in floods of tears when Chel did the leaving presentations for the old CULES, and then managed to become annoyed by the clues - an anagram of cules, as I've just noticed - with no list of names I didn't stand a chance of guessing as a lot were surname based, and M wasn't being much help, the fact noone warned me about the hole in the mead horn until it was too late, and the somewhat arbitrary seating plan). But the company was good, the dessert wine was bliss, and the aftermath was a thing of great cheer, much silliness and many lovely people.

Gosh, and now I'm finally onto Sunday, and am getting bored of chronicalling. We went punting with the round, it was great, although more punters who could stear would have been a good thing (or at least, not having people who couldn't stear but were convinced they could hogging the pole so the rest of us couldn't punt) Had one of the worst fits of hayfever in my life, but Nerrisa had tablets of Joy, and all was ok. And there was dancing, including dutch crossing, and all was good. The barbeque in the evening was great too, with very good food and nice people. And icecream! When I got a bit tired, I watched the people watching football for a bit, which was just like a drama lesson.

Monday was relaxed, one slightly inconveniently timed and mildly disorganised cinderella rehersal, lots of running around with yet more funding forms (If I had them in before my results I can honestly say that I don't know my CASM result, rather than writing FAILED...) and then a lovely lovely evening with M. Went to see Harry Potter, which would have made very good illustrations to the book (except for the many bits they did completely wrong *cough* *wearwolf* *dementors* *cough*) but which missed out or glossed over far too much of the story for it to be a decent film. Then we went to the Teri Yaki recommended by chess the other day - the sushi was great, the side dishes were balge, but the place was far too full for the staff to cope with, the wait was ridiculous, ordering wine was farcical (first they gave us the wrong wine list, and then the next three bottles we asked for were sold out, and then they managed to get wires crossed and bring a glass and not a bottle) and if I hadn't been so happy to be post-exams, post-potter and with M I'd have been quite pissed off at them. Cycling home, we reached the top of Castle hill just as the Trinity fireworks went off, and so rushed up the castle to watch them. It was magical.

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Date:June 15th, 2004 05:18 am (UTC)
All in all, rather fun, then. Glad you've been enjoying yourself, you seem to have been a bit *too*& stressed recently...
[User Picture]
Date:June 16th, 2004 07:18 am (UTC)
I was indeed in ostrich feathers, but (understandably) changed quite quickly. Don't know about terrium though...

Glad you've had a nice week! Sometimes, I miss being a student.
[User Picture]
Date:June 24th, 2004 02:30 am (UTC)
frantically wishing M would come over and introduce me.

According to Debrett's, it is acceptable to introduce oneself at parties like that.
[User Picture]
Date:June 24th, 2004 05:07 pm (UTC)
Yes, but when the person in question is talking as though they know you really really well, "Hi, I'm Sally" is always going to sound a bit lame / be very confusing. I suppose it's one of those LJ things that Debrett never had to deal with...
[User Picture]
Date:June 25th, 2004 02:34 am (UTC)
I wonder if they have replaced their editor since the last one defenestrated himself (an action considered by some to call into question his authority on matters of etiquette). If not, perhaps I could offer my skills for the next edition?
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