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Sally's Journal
April 22nd, 2003
10:14 am


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It's sunny, I'm relaxed, and finally happy, and the odds of any catam getting done this morning have shrunk to about zero. Ah well, looks like a long day of sitting in my room with occasional trips to the computer room...

Nice to talk to Derek last night walking to Sainsburies. And even nicer to see Tom, and go walking down by the river feeding ducks and watching the sunset. It was a beautiful evening.

Always feel so much better after I've talked to him and tried to explain everything. Probably a selfish thing - hiding things would make him less worried, and there is always a chance I might just manage to sort everything out without bothering and upsetting him. But it just makes me feel so much better. He's wonderful.

Sigh. Half ten already.... and the crazy thing is I don't seem to care today :-)

Current Mood: lovedloved

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