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Sally's Journal
April 21st, 2003
09:02 am


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Err, haven't written anything for the rest of the world to see for at least a day, and am trying to avoid starting work as my brain doesn't want to kick in after last night. (brain? What brain?)

My ability to wake up at 6.30 in the morning after going to bed at 4 amazes me. Still, it appears more of a curse than a gift. At least I got back to sleep, or light dozing at least, afterwards.

Nothing to report in real life... catam has been a bit doom, but might happen today with the help of lots of coffee. There may even be some queens' people braving the bank holiday traffic to come back today, which would be fun.

Easter was lovely, a CULES egg hunt all round emma duckpond, followed by egg rolling and a pub lunch in a nice pub I didn't know about (although by then I'd eaten so much chocolate I had a pub lemonade and let the rest of them eat lunch) Dinner in the evening with Foundation, and cards (although I am still a cheating fool who files her clubs under spades and really isn't very good yet. Think I'm coming vaguely near to understanding why I'm bad at bridge though... (and a fair bit of the answer is I need more practise, so I hope I get to go back soon... Sarah's b-day party to look forward to, but after that I cant really afford another late night until after the C***M deadline, and barely then given how close finals are...)) and talking to Sarah and Matthew till late.

Felt bad I didn't go to church though. Silly, I don't have a church to call my own in Cambridge, and I wouldn't even say I was christian if I could sidle out of it with lots of wishy washy "I don't knows" but it was Easter and... and I ate chocolate and worked. But the sky at 7am was really really pretty.


Current Mood: tiredtired

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