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Sally's Journal
May 4th, 2004
10:37 pm


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Not a lot to say. I have more Part III essay, but depressingly little. It keeps going like this:

Supervisor "add something in about the Busse balloon"
So I read my general guide to R-B convection, find a diagram of the Busse balloon, and get the reference it was taken from (let's call it A)
Go to the CMS, get reference A, photocopy it, take it home, and read it.
Reference A turns out in the small print to just be a review of RB convection. Yes, it has the diagram in it, but no clue as to how they did it, it's just mentioned in passing that they did. But it has a reference, B.
Go to CMS, get reference B, go home to read it. This turns out to be mainly a review of the computational results they drew the diagram from and a comparison with experimental results. The actual mathematical content as to how they did the numerical calculation is very sketchy. Every time I think it's about to Do Some Maths, it points me at reference C.
So why couldn't the damn book have just pointed me at C in the first place?

Sigh. And that Is My Life, as they say.

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