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Sally's Journal
April 19th, 2003
08:04 am


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Right. I'm up. I did it. Now all I need is to get off of spodding, have a shower, and actually do something.

Strange mood, a kind of cross between that nice hopeful "I have a whole day lined up in front of me with nothing to distract me so this might actually get done" and a "oh, a whole day where I won't see anyone who cares that I exist and I'll just stare at this pointless catam project which is of no help to anyone in the universe but me"

Last night was lovely, Tom came round (nominally to help me with catam... well, I suppose we did a bit of catam) and we had caff in Queens' - Jo, Christan, Derek are all back, along with quite a lot of stray mathmos and natsci friends. All very stressed either over catam or the physicists exam next week, but hey, it's finals...

Mmmm... and then just me and Tom. I've missed him. But he left at 11ish, under the grounds of this is exam term and we need to sleep / work. I'm starting to really hate exam term already. :-(

Ah well. Shower and breakfast I think.

Current Mood: tiredtired

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