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Sally's Journal
April 18th, 2003
01:09 pm


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Wow. Probably the least productive day ever so far. Oh well, there's still half a day to go. An ability to get out of bed before this afternoon would have helped, but hey, it's my first day back... Mmmmm...

Still, I've bought milk and bread, which is almost productive, and some nice shiney white paper for printing out all this catam I'm about to start doing onto. However, the paper shop also sold nice shiney pens and pencils, and I spoilt myself a bit... lots of white paper and a nice new drawing pen... maybe today won't be as productive as I hoped. Illustrated catam projects anyone?

So lovely to be back, have missed everyone so much and it's so tempting just to run round visiting everyone. You'd think "work, or you won't be here next year" would be enough of an incentive, but my mind seems to have twisted this to "well, you might not be here next year so better enjoy it while you can" And the weathers so lovely. If it wasn't for this miserable computer project I'd be revising on the roof getting loads done.

Current Mood: hothot

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