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I have lots of LJ to write (life is still being good to me).… - Sally's Journal
March 7th, 2004
02:21 pm


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I have lots of LJ to write (life is still being good to me).

However, I have lots of stuff to do. So I think I'll bore you all, with a very reduced version of what's happened to me this week, which I hope to write up in a more interesting way at some point, and then write a To Do list, so I can pretend to be organising instead of spodding.

Week (abridged)
Friday - Sunday: IVFDF
Sunday night: Matthew proposed *poing*
Monday: CULES annual dinner. Bursall Halls speach and a very good time. Upset Tom.
Tuesday: Dinner out with Matthew to celebrate Sunday night. Nice waiter plied us with free wine and made us feel like "regulars" (it'll be a fine thing when I can afford that sort of meal as a regular thing...)
Wednesday: Dinner in with Kate and Matthew. Really nice to see Kate.
Thursday: Dancing, and pub.
Friday: Lovely formal hall at New Hall with LJ people, followed by the consequences of both me and Sarah being incredably stressed at the moment.
Saturday: Matthews parents came up. My biological dad took me back to his to give me the car and take me to see Grandad. Stayed up late drinking, and had to be up for 8.30 on a sunday morning

So now I'm really tired...

To Do:
Tidy pile of stuff / bedroom / other bedroom
Clean cooker.
Methods sheet needs doing before Monday afternoon (arrrrgh!)

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