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Sally's Journal
April 14th, 2003
04:35 pm


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Yay! Finally a day of holiday and a break from mind numbing catam. (Small whispers of guilt that maybe I should have spent the day doing maths wiped out by the rousing shouts that I really really needed a break...)

Took the boys swimming and ice skating with mum to Doncaster. One of those 'fun' pools which I was just in the mood for... nice just to be outside for the first time in ages. The boys swimming is so much better than when we were teaching them over the summer, they've really come on. And mum dared to go on the flumes!

Then mum went off shopping for a while and I took the boys ice-skating (responsibility!) Although their claims that they could iceskate were a little exaggerated. They were very well behaved though, and seemed to have a whale of a time falling over lots. Falling over in such a way that you could make Sally fall over was even more highly prized, and the one time Rhys managed to drag me down to the ground and then fall to land sitting on top of me was the highlight of the day... apparently I'm comfier than all that cold wet ice.

Nah, I love iceskating and I hadn't been for ages, so I really enjoyed myself, and the boys got better and better, although Arran suffered a bit from (daren't-leave-the) edge effects. And then hot chocolate and icecream, and bought the boys easter eggs in secret while mum took them round a toyshop, and then back home.

Planning to be out tonight as well, going to see an old friend who I used to think the world of who I seem to have failed to find the time to really see since I went off to uni. Hope we haven't grown apart too much...

And I'll be back in cambridge on Thursday...

Current Mood: relaxedrelaxed
Current Music: The sound of Arran playing the Wizard of Oz game...

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