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Sally's Journal
January 25th, 2004
10:51 am


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Well, the new terms optimism is wearing off, as it always does.... by the 4th example sheet of last term I found myself saying "ok, I don't understand the last sheet of this course, but I will understand all the first sheets of next terms courses, so I just have to keep holding on" Except I can't do any of this terms questions either. Sigh, I wish Cambridge would let me go at a reasonable pace, so I felt I was learning stuff rather than cramming for the next years exams...

The ceilidh last night was great fun, and just what my soul needed. (See, it was worth learning to waltz, wasn't it, Matthew?) My body, on the other hand, has decided to give up, and finally catch one of the hundreds of colds everyone's brought back to Cambridge as extra christmas presents. So I feel a bit like death warmed over, but paracetamol and soft soup will hopefully make me feel a bit more human, before I have to go and pick people up to take them to the methsoc meeting (Jon's dad's speaking) I don't know how this house coped with only one driver. More cycling, I suppose...

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