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Sally's Journal
January 16th, 2004
02:18 pm


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Well, since the last miserable post I managed to get even more miserable, as those of you who were good enough to waste time on IRC cheering me up are all well aware. Still, my incompitent friends did apologise (with secret chocolates left on my bike!) and Matthew did a wonderful job of propping me up as always (I do wish I could be happier and less of a drag on him at the moment) and the days are whirling by me leaving me with no time to be unhappy.

Courses this term look fun. More exciting maths...

I seem to be putting off the important things to do by persuading myself I need to do trivial things all the time. So I can be busy and tired, and get to the end of the day to discover I've done some laundry, bought collecting tins, tidyed my room, and Not Really Done Anything... I've only had one lecture today, and yet I photocopied Methsoc term cards, got new university card reprogrammed, discussed PhD stuff and Job Stuff TM with Ed, got a book out the libray for M, and booked a room for CULES. And now I'm sat here thinking about writing livejournal, chasing up Newton Bursary cheques, etc...

I should be better at sticking to resolutions. I'm still twiddling my hair too much. Tonight I should make sure I've gone through the BoGS form stuff before I play after dinner games... :-( I've put it off and put it off...

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Date:January 16th, 2004 09:31 am (UTC)
You sound as though you're overemphasising what you haven't done compared to all the useful things you have managed to do. I say that because I've caught myself doing it a lot this week, and your post seemed eerily familiar to my own recent thoughts ...
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