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Sally's Journal
December 23rd, 2003
08:51 pm


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The good...

Well, life just kept getting better after the flight. Ok, so getting up at 7.30am to go to Durham wasn't the most pleasent of things, and the closure of the A1 with no diversion signs made for more interesting navgating, but the journey wasn't too much stress. And Sam was there to meet me at the other end and I hadn't seen her for ages, so it was great to go back to her boyfriends house and drink hot chocolate, eat cake, and catch up on another term. She bought me a lovely birthday present (the chrysalids, one of my favourite books) which sadly I already own, but on the bright side it now means I have money which *must* be spent on books :-) Any suggestions?

Then went to meet up with M for Emma's wedding rehersal dinner, and despite my slight feeling of guilt (it feels very much like being a gatecrasher going to the wedding rehersal dinner of someone you haven't actually met) it was really nice. I'm glad I got a chance to meet Emma before the wedding, even though she must have been incredably busy and stressed she found the time to be nice to me and make me feel welcome (which was also true at the reception) Quite intimidating meeting someone who means that much to M, not sure if I passed or not, but over the course of the weekend I decided she was really lovely (and not just because she looked gorgeous on her wedding day :-) )

Survived the creaking single beds of Durham. Scared a bedder in the morning.

The wedding was possibly the nicest I've ever been to. There was a really happy, festive cosy feel to it, the carols were bright and cheerful (and well known, so the congregation could actually sing), the choir rounded them off so they sounded nice, the bride looked stunning, as did the bridesmaids, (all red with a gold throw like christmas presents) the vicor was great (although mildly patronising in his telling us to look at the service sheets so we knew when to sit and stand) and it was all generally wonderful. All the happiness of weddings and christmas rolled into one.

The reception (what bits I can remember through the inebriation) was great fun, the dinner superb, some wonderful thoughtful touches like the grace, and the baubles on the table, and bubbles and party exploders. And then there was dancing! and I finally got to dance with M, and it felt so right to be there in his arms dancing together. And I got to dance with Terence (all Emmas friends were welcoming, and friendly, and interesting, it will be a great shame if I never see them all again) who was great fun to dance with, and if I got a little upset when their first waltz was mine and Davids waltz well, that was just me being silly. I suppose that must be the special waltz of every couple that went to CDC in the last ten years. There was a ceiligh, and much merryment, and Elenor, err, cheered me up while Sarah and M were busy duelling with placemats. The disco was a little loud, but I ended up with M in our room talking to Sebby and Mark till the small hours.

The next morning was bright and sunny, communium in the cathedral and then off down to Manchester

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