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Sally's Journal
December 16th, 2003
08:02 pm


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Weird week. Lovely lovely weekend, in London with LES types, and then doing Chaos at the Cav. London was fun, huge many houred lunch of a giant paella, and the strange feeling of being in a group of people that make me feel young rather than the old git (don't get that often in CULES). Cules presidents from BC (Before Charlotte) a plenty, and lots of remnising, gin, and mulled wine.

"Danger" was funny - the IOP and the chaos people seemed to have reached different conclusions about what it was supposed to be about, so the IOP experiments were all about safty and protection (padding kinder eggs so they wouldn't break, watching firemen with chippan fires) whereas the Chaos experiments were, well, about Very Dangerous Things, like earthquakes and lightning and liquid nitrogen, and quicksand and Cool Stuff TM. I spend a large part of it trying to get my prototype jelly earthquake working, but managed in the end.

Failed to do anything other than upset myself on Monday. Nice to see everyone at pizza and post pizza though. I wish Matthew and I would actually take our own advice and actually talk to each other about stuff *before* we're really upset.

Today I have exhausted myself christmas shopping, and am missing M and the rest of the house as they're all out having a nice dinner (I'm trying to spend less. Well, I'm spending lots, but I'm trying to spend it on Christmas Stuff That Needs Doing, rather than meals out for myself) Now I ought to try and sort my room out in preparation for the House Inspection...

And I have toothache. Strange...

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Date:December 17th, 2003 09:21 am (UTC)
Sniff... not really that old yet....
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