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Sally's Journal
December 7th, 2003
02:25 am


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Well, I'm home from the CULES party. Sadly Matthew isn't back yet. He made vague "the pub will be closed so I'll probably just go home" noises, so I was kinda using the idea of him waiting for me as a "happy thought" to get me through the cycle ride (like flying and Peter Pan, only subtly different). Ah well, at least he's probably having a nice night. Makes me feel I should have stayed later with the CULES people though. Well, maybe not.

Play was fine, panto was good, 600 pounds was raised, a great aftershow party happened, etc etc. I didn't get quite as hyper and overwhelmed by the whole thing - I think it makes me realise how much I've changed, I'm much more blasee about CULES etc.

Well, I've not changed that much, I was still the last one to leave the fitzpatrick hall and go off to the after show party, having helped the teccie clear up and put the chairs away. But I did just leave the party at 2, rather than staying out of a mix of "I should make sure CULES are having a good time", and "they'll need someone to clear up"ness. Ah well, even if M isn't here the sleep will do me some good.

Having said that, sorting out the bar made me realise how much I have changed. Michalmas 2000 I had a rehersal room booked for CULES that I ended up not using because there was another play in there that had real props, and they managed to intimidate me into going away and having the rehersal in my bedroom, despite the fact that the room was booked in my name and they were just overrunning. This year the "trendy" ents types had the key to the Angivin room bar, where they had loads of stuff, and had just tried similar tactics on David along the lines of "You don't really need the bar, you can just sell wine etc from a table in the corner" which he was more than happy with, when I came back and... well, I wasn't nasty, but I was assertive, or at least not scared away from the fact that we had permission to use the room whether they liked it or not. "I'm sorry, but if we have 200 people coming to a panto it's not feasible to just use a table in the corner, and we have permission from the tutors meeting" worked, eventually, but it was unneeded stress.

It was good to see Noga again, and to actually talk to James. Tom made an amusing lines cock up when he accused himself of the murder, but noone seemed to notice. There were a surplus of lobsters and in jokes in Cinderella, but it seemed to go alright.

And now, sleep.

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Date:December 6th, 2003 11:00 pm (UTC)
Hmmmm... So I did.

The party in New Hall wound up in time for 4am, and the dregs decamped to Clare (Toni's room) - where we went on long enough (sans any more alcohol) to get out of the main gate, which was opened at 6am. I only just got back, pretty much, and am now considering bed at 7am.

Yay for no lectures tomorrow!
Date:December 12th, 2003 12:16 pm (UTC)


Well, I'm glad you liked it... :) I think the cast were just having a laugh, and we all loved doing it, so we are hoping that our enthusiasm somehow magically transferred itself onto the audience... All the lobsters, improvised puns, sweets thrown into the audience and gratuitous Rice Crispies lines were all possibly a bit much, but...

Oh, well. It's all over :( But bring on next term!


PS There is nothing quite as fun as playing a sweet little angel dressed in blue, and the fishing sunglasses out of your pocket and singing a Blues Brothers song... *big cheesy grin*
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