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Sally's Journal
November 10th, 2003
02:18 pm


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I'm procrastinating.

I had a miserable morning feeling ill and pissed off by a lot of useless stuff (like the current CULES persident drawing swords and deciding to fight me to the death over my suggestion that CULES should spend 2.95 on an A-Z as they have to travel round Cambridge to old folks homes and I'm sick of having to photocopy mine) Then I decided to meet up with Matthew for lunch (independantly of his LJ claiming that he was miserable and needed someone to do lunch with). Sadly, we were both too tired and ill to be the cheerful support the other one needed, which led to a lot of needless anger from me. It all got sorted, but now I'm even tireder. And I just want to be in his arms talking about nonsense, not trying to pluck up the energy to do maths

Oh, I realised today I failed to record for posterity that I went to scholars dinner on Friday. It was alcohol fulerd. I did however get a really cool tour of parts of the college one isn't normally allowed in

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