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Sally's Journal
November 9th, 2003
10:23 pm


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The weekends been nice, mainly due to having two days instead of the usual 1. Strange being in the house on my own on Saturday (M was out with his parents) and I had a surprising lack of maths tuits, so dusted and hoovered like a thing possessed...

Then wasted most of Sunday in an EC meeting. I find committees so terribly frustrating. If people emailed me saying "please spend three hours sorting out foo this week" I'd do it, but instead having to listen to people bicker for three hours when I could be getting on with stuff is very stifling, and makes me feel I've given lots of my time already, without me actually doing anything. Especially as half the committee are old git luddites who don't even want a website.

And i'm not sure how to go about fundraising. I mean, we're a good charity, but we're not puppies or starving children in africa, we're random holidays for scouse kids. If anyone wants to give us any money...???

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