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Sally's Journal
March 22nd, 2003
09:54 am


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Livejournal equivalent of an Utterly Pointless Drive.
Well, I seem to have acquired a brand new shiny livejournal. And I claim I won't be assimilated... Now all I have to do is think of something to write in it. This is somewhat harder than I imagined; given the amount of time I seem to spend talking about myself you'd think I'd have something to say... (10 o'clock in the morning means there hasn't even been stuff going on today I could talk about...) Suppose it's a combination of the strange unknown audience (I can write endless tons of gumph in email to friends, and an equal amount in my own preinternet block-of-dead-tree diary) and the fact that everything I would write about seems either too dull to bother, or too personal to stick on the internet...

(And with four ellipses in the first paragraph this isn't going to improve my writing style either...)

For those of you who really care, I am currently....

At home.
Missing Cambridge and many of the people there.
Procrastinating setting up a livejournal to avoid doing my evil computer project (after all, it's the weekend)

Mum is out shopping, Dad is in the kitchen, and Rhys and Arran (aged 9 and 8 respectively) appear to be playing happily. That can't last for long. The dog is sprawled out asleep by the cat, and the not really a kitten anymore is nowhere to be seen... Domestic bliss really. Treswell should come with a "danger - soporific" warning...

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Date:March 22nd, 2003 07:01 am (UTC)

Livejournal Equivalent of one of those wide speedbumps with the pedestrian crossings on them.

In that it's rather random, usually somewhere inconvenient, and you're never quite sure if it's actually legal to hit pedestrians on them or not.

Admittedly, this is me, missing you, and wishing to experience that soporific Treswell effect (but partly to get me to sleep at a sensible time).

Back to the mathematical doom, I go. (I go, see how I go).

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