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Sally's Journal
October 13th, 2003
02:38 pm


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Tired. Must get my room tidied this afternoon, otherwise it will become a huge thing hanging over me for the rest of term, and I have nothing better to do until Yet Another Ceilidh this evening (yes, I love ceilidhs, but my legs haven't recovered from the last one yet)

Cycling in this morning was scary, the girl two in front of me was swept off her bike by a car turning left into the petrol station. So I stopped to check she was alright (which I think she was, I'm not a first aider, but she seemed capable of standing up and being as apologetic as I always am in similar circumstances) The car driver gave a curt "I'm sorry but what *were* you doing" and as the poor girl was still in apologise state I replied "She was cycling down the cycle lane in a straight line". Anyway, he then launched into "Don't give me that cyclist thing, I was indicating left, she should have slowed down and got out of my way" TBH I think by the time he was indicating left she was probably level with his front indicator, so stood no chance of noticing at all, but the girl was obviously as upset at the fact a random irratating stranger was trying to start a row in her defence as she was over the accident, so I left her to the care of the other 4 or so student rubberneckers that had turned up and ran off. Being shocked and stressed and late for lectures I didn't think of doing anything sensible, like noting down his number, but there were enough people there that one of them probably did, right? Sigh. I do wish M would wear his cycle helmet instead of giving me all this "Don't worry, judo's taught me how to fall" crap.

Anyway, enough spoddery. Why do blue eggs taste nicer than white eggs?

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Date:October 13th, 2003 04:11 pm (UTC)
Jonty (friend at 6th form) came off his bike at 40, did a double flip, and landed head first. He was in a coma for 4 days. The police took his (destroyed) helmet away to use in those 'this saved somebody's life' talks.

I stay very firmly in the habit of wearing a helmet, not in small part due to that. (And judo taught me how to fall, too. Slowly, sideways, onto mats, and without a lump of metal messing up my manauvering...)
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Date:October 14th, 2003 11:29 am (UTC)

Stuff, not nonsense.

Before I wore a cycle helmet, I biked on the South coast of Spain for eleven years - and had a few exciting accidents - but never a knock on the head.

While I was wearing a cycle helmet (first year in Cambridge), I had one spectacular accident, and perhaps as many as ten in total. On every one of those occasions, my head hit something - admittedly, with very little damage, save a wonderful concussion for the spectacular, and one incident of a very badly wrenched neck when the helmet caught on the edge of a kerb.

Since I stopped wearing a cycle helmet, I've had 3 more serious accidents, and maybe 5 or 6 others of note - God alone knows how many 'trivials' or near misses. I haven't hit my head once, however.

I admit that, in various types of collision, my chance of death is higher - but I really didn't need to be shaking my brain about every time I hit the floor. A note here: I believe there exists reasonably strong evidence that wearing a cycle helmet increases your chances of injury in a non-fatal accident - I'll post a site when I have time to find one.

I do think my case for not wearing a cycle helmet is reasonable - or I wouldn't have stopped doing it!
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