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Sally's Journal
July 12th, 2003
07:08 pm


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Nothing to get hung up about...
Day out in Liverpool. Saw the maritime museum, the cavern, strawberry fields and penny lane, and both cathedrals.

The museum was great. Well, if you're sad like me and really really like model ships, paintings of ships, ships in bottles... merchant traders, and slavers, and steamers, and sloops, and customs boats, and warships and everything (although I find warships too big and grey - they're definitely the least sexy of the lot. Not a patch on the beautiful romance of something wooden and brass with sails... (MKIOK???) ) It was free and large and interesting and really well done. Everyone was really rushing it though, or at least they didn't change their usual pace - slow enough to be irratating when walking down a street, and far too fast to actually read anything in a museum - and I decided in my head that I would try and stick with them even if it ment missing out on some of the best bits of the museum, as I could always go back and I didn't want to be anti-social two days in a row. Anyway, despite vowing that I paused 30 seconds too long to hear a tape recording of the smuggling poem and they'd all vanished, so that was a waste of effort :-( Although it did mean I got to go upstairs again and look at the paintings, and the knotwork, and a whole host of things I'd missed :-) (or just not drooled over for long enough the first time round) And I did find them all again half an hour later, just finishing lunch in a cafe despite having lost five of us to the four winds in the course of the museum - which left the five of us with no lunch, and Bob, Audrey, Celina, Lone, David not bothering to make any time for us to have any as they'd eaten while we were still in the museum.

Maybe this week is just a lesson to me to be more considerate in my life as otherwise this is what it leads to...

Unsurprisingly, David thought the whole cathedral visiting thing was sooooo sad, and dragged his heels to the point where we nearly spent the afternoon shopping instead, but luck was on my side (or Bob was in tour guide mode). And there was something very amusing about the look on his face after he'd been dragged round the anglican cathedral and asked Bob what we were doing next only to be told "Oh, we're going to see the *other* cathedral" :-)

Not sure I like either of the Liverpool cathedrals, but they're definitely well worth seeing. Especially the catholic one - I think we timed it perfectly, the sun was very bright, and directly behind the one red window in a cathedral of blue and green. Not *nice*, as such, but stunning and very unusual.

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