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Incoherant ramblings of exhausted from warrington - Sally's Journal
July 8th, 2003
08:45 pm


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Incoherant ramblings of exhausted from warrington
Tired, to the point where it is easier just to spod and read everyone elses LJ rather than try to write anything worth reading.

Working with kids is really really draining. And really really rewarding.

All the IVS people are starting to come out of their shell and develop personalities (well, I'm sure they've all always had personalities but we're starting to see them. or they're starting to make rude jokes, which is fairly similar, right?)

Roleplaying workshop was very very hard to run, but seemed quite successful. Having a first group of ADHD residential school kids didn't help my confidence though.

Played parachute games with the kids at the afternoon school... just like CAMPUS. I am much better at playing with kids than teaching them stuff. But I think I'm getting the idea with the latter. If I wasn't hellbent against going straight back to school from Uni I might think about being a teacher.


Made cheese sauce (from rue - white sauce etc) for 9 hungry people. Proud of this - I seem to be able to make a pretty reliable sauce now, given a low heat and a whisk and not too much arrogance ;-)

Am slightly worried I'm overbooked this summer again. You can be too busy planning your next adventure to enjoy the adventure you're currently on if you're not careful...

Watching the same play every morning will get wearysome - wonder if I can sneak in Stand On Zanzibar? Or play truant from watching? No... I'll just see if I can learn it line for line so I can plagerise it when I want CULES to start doing this sort of stuff ;-)

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