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Well, here I am. In Warrington. With an internet connection (wOOt)… - Sally's Journal
July 5th, 2003
07:49 pm


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Well, here I am. In Warrington. With an internet connection (wOOt) which manages to make me feel much much closer to you all and yet in a strange way much further away than if I was completely incommunicardo.

Journey was long, and tiring. The person at cambridge station completely disagreed with the information their website had given me, and sent me off to Crewe. Luckilly I had Stand On Zanzibar to distract me, which I'm now a fair chunk of the way through. Still, four hours on the same train is very mind numbing. I seem to have used up a months worth of people watching tuits.

Made it to Warrington, broke a lifelong obedience of the school promise never to take lifts from strangers (well, she was a woman who looked weaker than me, and the offer of a lift to the Peace Centre seemed genuinely supported by an interest in what I was doing, strong feelings about the place and the bombings, and the fact it was on her way home. Besides, I'd only started talking to her as she was trying to buy a ticket to Cambridge, which I felt qualified to talk about, it wasn't like she was a random stranger who'd walked up to me and offered me a lift :-/ ) so got to the Peace centre easilly.

Everyone here is very nice, and they all seem as nervous as me. However, the combination of foreigness, tiredness and nerves, coupled with the fact we've now all been left to our own devices for the evening has made us very untalkative (I know, a quiet Sally Clough, would you believe it??) It's not my problem, and I don't want to come across as all jolly hockeysticks and trying to bully people into talking. I think we should all warm up once we actually have stuff to do... Or once we've found a pub for a little while, which seems to be the current plan ;-)

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Date:July 7th, 2003 03:13 pm (UTC)
Well, here I am. In Warrington

Spooky. I've just this second got back from Warrington. If I'd known you were going there I could have given you a lift in my car.

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