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Sally's Journal
June 28th, 2003
06:15 pm


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Oooh, the question lemming. I never wrote anyone any questions, did I, what with graduation and everything...

1. Where do you go to hide?

The answer's always been in a book, really. Less so now I'm in Cambridge, but Matthew can tell you how desperately I shut out the world and curled up in trashy Harry Potter when I was exhaused after too much graduation. At home I had a tree at the bottom of the field to read in, and a large attic I'd slip away to when the world got too much. Fewer real places in Cambridge, more because nowhere really feels my own except my college room (which I now don't even have) although the roof of Erasmus is very peaceful in Lent, and Byrons Pool is close enough to cycle to, but far enough ot of Cambridge I feel I've managed to run away and get out of the place. But no. When I need out I read - and I've never realised this or ever thought of it as escapism before answering this question :-/

2. Who's your favourite author? (and why?)

Oooh, evil question, especially as I haven't had enough time to read since I came off to Cambridge and so all my answers relate to a person who isn't quite me any more. I decided when about 12 that the answer to this would be William Horwood, for the Duncton Wood books, and that's the answer I've given ever since, whether it's still strictly true I'm not quite sure. Most of the stuff I read is very light and fluffy, nothing that takes too much effort - names like Arthur C Clarke, Jilly Cooper, Phillip Pullman, Asimov, J K Rowling that I can enjoy without having to think too hard will always be my favourites, much as I can get through heavier books. As for the why, well, anyone who gives me a world I can live in in my head for months makes me happy...

3. Do you sing in the bath/shower? (and if so, then what?)

Yes. Well, more in the shower than in the bath. But then I sing in a lot of places when I'm on my own. Mainly I sing on long walks with me and my dog. I tend not to sing round people, it causes them too much pain, except when drunk, when I tend to sing, waltz, or kiss people. As for what I sing, mainly what I know, which is cheesy cheerful pop / indie from the 60s to the 90s, although I have a tendancy to take a tune and play with my own words and feelings (and very bad rhymes)

4. Do you believe in [Gg]od(s)?

Yes. Although I don't know a label that fits... I'd be fine with Christianity if it wasn't for the whole Jesus thing :-/ TBH I doubt I'll ever find a religion that I agree with enough to dare to call my own - maybe it's my perfectionist mathmo streak, but the bit that feel wrong niggle at me until I doubt the whole thing. Also, it means I can have some nice convenience religion and pick and choose all the morals I can cope with :-/ My whole coherant belief system seems to be "There's something. Try to be nice. It should all work out in the end. There's probably some plan too, so don't worry too much, but try your best." Which isn't very much when you write it down. I envy Matthew his religion, but can't see myself suddenly going back to the fold. Still, he's got me going to church with him, which is all you need to do to be a good anglican, right? ;-) </troll>

5. Where would you most like to visit? (and why?)

Oxford and Wytham Wood, I think. Oxford because I love Cambridge so much, and I'd like to spend a year or more there getting a feel for the similarities and the differences, and finding a different set of places and people that were hopefully as wonderful as Cambridge, but subtly different. Also, I wanted to apply to Oxford, but after lots of conversations about Cambridge and Warwick being better for maths (and I'm not trying to offend any darksiders who read this, and I'm not saying it's true, but it's what I was told at the time) I didn't dare, so feel like I missed something. As for Wytham Wood, well, it's the setting for my favourite book, and I've travelled to nearly all the other places mentioned in the book, but never that one. Mind you, I've wanted to visit since I was 9 now, so I'm sure if I ever actually go it will be a terrible anticlimax and no-one will understand why it should have been important. Maybe it's better to keep it as a place I dream of visiting than actually visit.

from ceb

Anyone want any more questions or wants to give me any the usual deal applies. If I failed to give you any and you've already asked a gentle reminder might help.

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Date:July 2nd, 2003 11:31 am (UTC)
Questions, please?
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