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Sally's Journal
June 17th, 2003
11:58 am


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May Ball
First of all, I think it was one of the better organised May Balls ever. It seemed to be timed to fit the mood of the evening really well, with lots of food and drink flowing relatively queue free early, and then the fun stuff (coconut shy, bouncy castle etc) opening at midnight to pick everything up, and a couple of really good things to watch when you needed to chill at 3am (medics review and a very pretty harpist) followed by a cailidh to drag me awake to the survivers photo. The theme was done nicely but not excessively, and not wasting money on fireworks and big named bands ment that the other stuff was done really well.

Met up with Tom, and queued with him and the Sidneyites / Emma mathmos, but as always groups at balls are a bit too much faff and not enough actually doing what you want to be doing. And I've seen the whole decadence and excess thing almost too many times now. I must be growing old.

Seemed to loose them all by 3am, and ended up watching the medics revue and sitting by the harp, thinking of Matthew. Sigh. The problem with everything being more wonderful when he's around is that really wonderful things like Emma ball loose their edge because he's not there. Luckilly I bumped into Helen at the ceilidh, and didn't have the spare time or energy to mope until it was dawn and the survivers photo...

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