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Sally's Journal
December 19th, 2006
10:04 pm


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Where have I been? Round and about and doing things...

So after Thursday ice-skating with Sebby, it was a lonely evening in Cov on Friday, waiting for the removals van to turn up on Saturday morning (M was dealing with things at the other end). Many boxes later (and an Amusing Bookcase Saga) everything was unloaded. Much unpacking ensured. Sunday morning we went to St Johns, and then avoided unpacking by eating out at a curry place.

And then it was Monday, and the weekly grind started again. I managed the most impressively broken train journey, by using a Coventry-Windsor ticket to get me both to work at Waterloo, to Elly's pantomime at Twickenham, and finally back to Sebby's at Windsor. The pantomime was lovely (although any evening that involved Elly, Sebby, and fluffy-mark was always going to be a win - sadly all I got of mostlyacat was a brief glance from the train window though...). In Small World Award of the Week, the woman who sits next to me at work's ex-boyfriend and still friend was also in it (as the musical director? Something like that). Tuesday I drove to Cambridge in the small hours, ready for the statisticians conference, which deserves a longer post than it is going to get here. That meant I was in Cambridge on Thursday, and had dinner with Patrick and Lois (for the first time in far too long) before heading off up to my parents, to rob them of all their furnature for nothing more than seeing their holiday photos. Remind me to pay for white goods in future :-) And don't speak to me about the Amusing Bed Saga.

Friends visiting on Friday night, housewarming party on Saturday night (which was lovely and also deserves more of a post) completed with bacon butties and a bright sunny constitutional to Canley Ford in the morning.

And hey, now it's Another Week of Work. But it was the work christmas do yesterday, so it's not been a busy week yet. I have a bad feeling that is about to change...

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