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I'm just had my tooth out on the NHS. A few years ago, I had a… - Sally's Journal
August 8th, 2006
12:38 pm


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Date:August 8th, 2006 12:57 pm (UTC)
1. How about, can't discriminate against people who don't exist at all? So, if you let someone be born, that's normally good (for them, for their parents, etc), and possibly bad (if their life turn out shit *enough*); but if they're not born that's neutral.

2. Should we care for people, whose existance doesn't directly help perpetuate the species? I think so. Some people's highest goal is to preserve the race, and it's important to me, but so are good lives for all people (human or, in theory, not) individually.

3. Certainly society tends to stymie natural selection. But I think not that much. It happens slowly with long lifetimes anyway. And we still will tend to evolve, just in different directions: immunities to aids; to cancer; desire for children; etc are an positive adaptions to reproduction more or less.

4. I'm not sure if breeding ourselves is inherently bad. But has several major problems:
(i) Simply not giving people fairly simple medical care is a crude and not very effective form. We might get a bit better at avoiding disease, but then half of people have bred already.
(ii) It's horrendously prone to abuse. Some evil people have an obviously warped idea of what to breed out of the human race. Our view may well be as warped (though may or may not be better than chance), or become so.
(iii) It's risky. You need diversity, and who knows what gene with an obvious defect mightn't have a subtle but crucial benefit?
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