Sally (atreic) wrote,

It is bright and sunny. I woke up lazilly at 11, drifted onto IRC, and then drifted back to bed to devour the last half of Jonathon Strange and Mr Norrell. I came to from this other world (of magic and love, pistols and prophecy, rescues and the wild North, otherland balls and foul enchantments, the cold water of Venice and the taste of an old womans madness, the thundering of the wings of a flock of ravens, the pounding of charging cavalry, all tied up with the thred of the story of a most unlikely friendship founded on a shared passion) to discover it was 3pm, and took this as a sign that everyone needs a day off. What with that and everything else, I am not sure I am quite in the world this morning. Still, wherever I am it's pleasent, and you know where to find me :-)

Note to self; if you don't want to worry your beloved that you've been out late, texting them at 2am in the morning isn't the best thing to do.
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