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Sally's Journal
May 21st, 2003
06:32 pm


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Managed to do some work yesterday, which was a Good Thing. And mainly due to getting a good relaxing night of sleep for once.

Then to foundation, for fencing for the first time in ages (I was very rusty, but don't seem to have forgotten *everything* which is good) and roast chicken in a gorgeous lemon sauce (ok, I was the only one who had quite a sweet enough tooth to stomach it as a main course, but I thought it was wonderful) Too tired to play cards well, and exam stress is finally getting to me - I snapped at Matthew over nothing... still, at least we talked through everything and I think he understands me... which is more than I do.

Wonderfully intense supervision today, an hour and a half of just me trying to understand things, and I feel very good for it. Then a brief chat to Cathy, and now Tom's coming round for dinner. Hopefully an early night after that...

Current Mood: nervousnervous

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