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Sally's Journal
May 19th, 2003
07:17 pm


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And after the punting, the... well, not quite. After the punting the random afternoon of not a lot of work, followed by vegitarian pizza and settlers at Susans. Sometimes I think I play games according to how much I really care about the outcome, rather than with any particular longing to win. So last night, when I'd vowed to myself that I'd leave by 9 and yet knew that I'd promised Susan a game last time I was over, I suddenly developed a lot of luck and a lot of skill, wrapping the thing up far faster than I ever had before, and breaking Susan's 11 game winning streak.

CUSFS elections, and I'm finally starting to remember names and get to like people, although my toy fox is quite annoyed at his vice presidency as he'd always vowed to stay out of society politics. Blame Matthew.

Lovely lunch in the pick with Chris, although the fact his senior tutor ended up on the next table left us feeling a little like skiving schoolchildren. I've missed him so much, and he hasn't changed at all. We still get on so well. I should have made more of an effort when he was in Cambridge, he'll be off to London before I know it...

Evil evil supervision, which ok wasn't helped by me going into it only halfway through revising the notes and feeling very worn out and headachey, but was made even worse by my oh-so-clever 2nd in the tripos supervision partner asking obscure things about part 3 of question 27 on the 1994 paper 3... And I knew this was going to happen so I tried to speak to him before hand and explain that it would be a good idea to split the supervision half and half, as I wanted to ask really stupid things like "Why can I not do this integral which has trivially written next to it on page 3 of the notes?" but he wasn't having any of it, so he monopolised 50 minutes of the thing and then the other 10 minutes was occupied by my supervisor telling me how stupid I was and what poor revision going through notes was this close to the exams. It's all very well telling me I should be doing nothing but past questions, but I *can't* until I've learnt the notes, I don't understand the words, let alone how to do them...

Sigh. But when leaving the CMS in abject misery there was a glorious rainbow right ahead of my path, where even I couldn't miss it. So life isn't too grim

Back to the fluids, I think...

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Date:May 19th, 2003 12:53 pm (UTC)

CUSFS vice presidents...

my toy fox is quite annoyed at his vice presidency as he'd always vowed to stay out of society politics

Ah, but if he *had* to be involved in a society, surely this is the best of all possible societies to be involved in... ;)
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