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Sally's Journal
May 18th, 2003
02:26 pm


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So long since I've written anything in this...

Dinner on Friday was wonderful, it was a little strange to be so dressed up round Matthew, as I don't think he's ever seen me out of t-shirts and combats (oh, or a medieval dress or a robin hood costume...) but I think he liked it and appreciated the effort. The food was glorious, and it was great just to have time to sit and chat. And I barely got any of my old "I'm so out of depth in Cambridge with all these pointless posh dinners and sophistication" worries... mainly because it was Matthew, and thus felt right anyway, and maybe because after three years I'm finally accepting that such things are allowed to be nice even if I didn't grow up with them. Ah well, being a snob will make a nice change from being an antisnob.

Too tired to do anything on Saturday, although lunch with John was nice, and dinner with Cathy was superb (duck two nights in a row, something terrible must be about to happen) Sitting around drinking baileys with her and Kate into the night, talking about everything. Can't believe she's really leaving at the end of the year - I'll miss her and Chris L like mad.

And now it's sunday, and I'm busy again. Went punting with the CULES lot against my better judgement, but only for half the trip, so it was just a long lift home really? :-/ It was fun, we drank the last of the unbearably sweet wine from this years squash. That seems so long ago.

And now I will work, in the brief gap before my social life intrudes again...

Current Mood: busybusy

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