Sally (atreic) wrote,

What a nice weekend. After ringing and the_alchemist's birthday drinks on Friday, I fought off the hangover just enough to tidy the house before the housewarming party on Saturday. So we had both a tidy house and a goodly party! Although the second did have slight effects on the first, clearing up glasses is so much easier than unpacking boxes of randomness, so progress was made.

(as an aside, if you feel you'd like to be invited to parties and don't seem to be being, do let me know. I'm useless at collecting email addresses, etc, and being invited is necessary but by no means sufficient**** for being welcome!)

Party was nice. Was a bit overwhelmed by so many people (after so long locked in the Whittle lab :) ) and slightly paranoid that they were all pitying me* but everyone was lovely. Didn't get to talk to half the people I would have liked to, but people seemed to be having fun. Did have brief spell of worry that everyone was only there because they were madly in love with kaberett or emperor, but I can cope with that :)

Sunday went to church, and then piqueen came up to see me, which was lovely. I don't see enough of her, and it was good to talk some more and get my head round things, although I think I will soon be in danger of wallowing in my misery if I don't find something else to talk about soon. (plinthy, it would be great to meet up. I seem to be monopolising your piqueen and stunningly failing ever to see you. I should plan to come down to London at a convenient time...) Then I cooked a vegitarian gluten free dinner** for the_alchemist and robert_jones, which wasn't too odd, and played settlers and articulate, which was great***.

And now it's Monday, and I have Things to Do. At some point I should write a post to LJ about what job I actually want to do, and let you lot absolve myself of any actual decision making. Although the answer may be "any job I can get..."


*Why is the idea of being pitied such a bad one? Is it just stupid pride on my part? Surely the fact that people are extra nice and kind to people because $really-bad-stuff has happened is a good thing, and one doesn't have to continue pretending it's all OK. But maybe people only cope by pretending they're in charge of their life and have chosen to be where they are, in which case pity is a challenge, because it's either a "your choices were crap" or a "you're not in control" and has strong overtones of "you're a failure".

** Aubergines with tomato, onion and garlic for starters, stuffed peppers with cashewnuts and mushrooms (with potatos and veg) for main, and a weird meranguey roulard for dessert. I was quite pleased, mainly because I'd made it up in a stress in Sainsburies 2 hours before :)

*** As the_alchemist pointed out, M is a poor winner, an observation that I had never noticed before (assuming it was mearly being a poor loser) but which now I have been shown it is worryingly true. But rather amusing. And I love him lots anyway.

**** Update, in light of comments. Yes, I'm a muppet, and I ment to type sufficient, but not neccessary. The alternative is quite amusing though....
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