Sally (atreic) wrote,

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Mmmmm, happy! :-)

Lots I could say, but it's sunny, and if I lie around on the roof with some notes I can pretend to be revising until Matthew calls round after chapel. It was lovely, if somewhat scary, meeting everyone at the impropriety party (I'm not very good at meeting new people, but they were all really nice. Even if my own embarressing stories came back to haunt me (lol))

RSC was nice, by some wonderful miracle Tom and I are getting on much better than just before we split up. (his cynisicm and sarcasm would be starting to grate, only I seem to be being just as bitchy back... and it's all good, in a very weird way) And Matthew in chains and a tight leather skirt... *swoon* *giggle* Very funny.

Anyway, to real life, maths and beyond!
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