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Yesterday... well I've finally started revising only 3 weeks before my finals, so I'm sure that's a good thing. Although I do seem more prone to spodding / going to Sainsburies / tydying my room than actually working.

Matthew handed in the evil elective project :-) so I called it a day at 5.15 and went over to foundation. Sarah seemed sleepy, but Matthew seemed glad to see me... Home late, as always, after mainly talking to Sarah (Matthew's still not well, and I think it's all a bit anticlimatic after finishing giant vet degree, so he ended up in bed after dinner) until Jon came home from raven. It must have been good, he didn't get back till 2.15.

Today I've woken up too late, feel a little the worse for wear after all that wonderful mead and tia maria (these are a few of my favourite drinks...) and have such a lot to do streaching ahead of me. How am I supposed to find time to revise?
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