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Sally's Journal
June 19th, 2005
10:57 pm


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Haven't written anything for aaaages, and would like this to be a "yay, what a nice weekend" post, rather than an "arrgh, work" post. Sadly at the moment I'm feeling all "Arrgh work" and the nice weekend is fading rapidly.

Still, it involved the CULES plays[1], Matthew's play[2], the CDC Ball[3], the boys garden party[4] and the playford ball [5]. It was great. Lovely lovely lovely to see piqueen too!

[1] Well, they were as disorganised as ever. I would forgive them not having finished writing the play until half an hour after the play was supposed to start if it hadn't been in front of the Clements's. Ah well. It was all very funny :-) I feel I may be getting too old for these shinnanigans though... although on Saturday being surrounded with Cathy and Tom, and Matt, and Tancredi and James, and Chris and Paul made me so happy... I've missed my Cambridge so much. I should make more of an effort to stay in touch.

[2] It was good. It was almost scary, which is very hard to do in theatre. I did find myself trying not to giggle at Father Andrews ghost in the other one. Too many years of special effects spoiling me for am-dram :-)

[3] Only went to half of it, but it was lovely. And I got there in time to see the professional rock and roll demo. Squeeeeeee!

[4] Which I abandoned to go and watch the bumps. But the bumps were gorgious. Sun and blue sky and the cam, and rowers and boats, and mmmmmmmmmmmmm. And Cathy, of course :-) The boys seemed to be throwing a marvelous party in their gorgeous house though. I have a small twinge of jealousy that they're having a better life than me as postgrads :/

[5] It was really nice. The catering was amazingly well done, given the number of us there and the budget. The band were good, and the dancing was fun. And there was such a lovely range of the most marvellous odd dresses.

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