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Sally's Journal
May 23rd, 2005
06:24 pm


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.... and breath...
Where was I?

Last week I turned into a workaholic. It was great, I felt really focussed and got lots of Stuff done.

The weekend was the pre-hen-party-party(), which had been a source of some worry. I have lots of close friends from a very random selection of places, and the odds of them all getting on seemed slender. Originally I'd planned on an equal-op hen party, but then the number of people I wanted to invite got silly, so I went for women-only as a safe way of not insulting people (after all, if people thought I was inviting my most scintallating or closest friends and they weren't it, they can take offence, but if they have a penis and I'm not inviting people with penises this seems less nasty) It was also very weird, as I've never had a friendship circle that was mainly girls, and can't remember ever being in a large gaggle of girls before. Maybe there's some merit in this lesbian utopia idea... ;-)

Lots of logistics and stress before hand, buying food, prepairing food, tidying... I thought at the time that I was being ambitious wanting to do boned christmas chicken, but what actually prooved to be most faff was mashed potatoes, as they needed doing when they were cooked, ie in the middle of the dinner party. I won't make that mistake again!

It was so nice to see everyone. Too many of my close friendships have become long distance. Or even the ones that are in Cambridge arn't seen anywhere near as often as I'd like. Matthew made me redraw my seating plan on the grounds that the men were ghettoised at the end of the table, and I didn't have the heart to tell him that had been the idea :-p

Food was fine. Sam came over in the afternoon, and chattered and stopped me from stressing. Then Susan (numberland) turned up, closely followed by antinomy. Suddenly a whole host of people turned up while I was still peeling potatoes, naomir and yrieithydd, inner_mupper, followed by piqueen and Kate T (who I think disapproves of this mad LJ lark ;-) ) who had wrestled with the unpredictable Girton busses. Eventually the ever wonderful emperor (who was breaking tradition slightly by being present at the pre-hen-do despite being a) male and b) the fiance) returned from Stansted with Noga, and all our company were assembled!

It was lovely. I have often been jelous of the_alchemists read through crowd for being pretty and cool and interesting and wondered how she had managed to find so many of the "beautiful people". And then I looked round Saturday night and realised that I had my own incredably special, cool and wonderful group of friends. Of course, being me, this lead to a moment of paranoia when I decided they would all become friends with each other, realise how much nicer they were than I was and not need me any more. So far they seem to be working on the making friends with each other and haven't gotten round to abandoning me though :-)

It was good. I wasn't too let down by my cooking, although if my housemates hadn't gallently come to the rescue serving the meat and mashed potatoes would have taken far longer. Everyone ate, and drank, and played silly games, and then talked until late into the night. So late that I gave up and went to bed feeling slightly ill and left them to it. I'll never get the hang of this hostess lark :-)

The next day had only Noga and Cathy and Sam still around, so was pleasently relaxed. We sat and chatted and managed to make lunch out of the left overs, and then went into town. Sent Sam off on a train, gave Noga to the LESers, saw Joe for a bit, and then joined the LESes myself for punting. In the rain. It was great. Then I stopped at the Snug with Matthew and Kate S, and drank very lovely expensive non alcoholic cocktails.

But now I'm tired. Very tired. And I've felt slightly ill all weekend, and feel slightly ill now. I need to get focussed again, and feel that there's things I need and want to do at work. Today I haven't had that, and it's been far too easy to let the hours slide by. Hopefully getting an early night and drawing up a Big List of Things That Need Doing Tomorrow will sort it all out.

We've seen a very nice house, and if things all work out and Russells are ept we may get to rent it. But I don't want to talk about it and count chickens before they are hatched...

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Date:May 26th, 2005 07:22 am (UTC)
I hope that you're feeling better!

I popped round last night to invite you & M over to dinner, but you were aready abed :O so I shall invite you here - I'm cooking a curry tonight, at about 7:30, would the two of you like to come over?
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