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Sally's Journal
May 18th, 2005
08:25 am


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Odd dream last night. Well, quite a good dream, in that I managed to dream a completely non-existant Alanna book. It was very good, if a little sad, and had lots of people dying of plague. Unfortunately I have woken up to discover it doesn't really exist, so I'll never find out how it finished.

(bouteillebleu, do nag me about getting your books back to you...)

Life is looking lots saner and lots more sunny. Pre-hen-party-party this weekend, which is starting to worry me, but will be full of lots of wonderful people. If they ever tell me if they're coming or not.

Trying to work definite hours is having a strange effect on me, in that as I come towards 6.20 I get very involved in something and stay later because I want to have it done, rather than getting to 4 and killing time until 7 aimlessly not doing much, but feeling that I shouldn't leave. It's odd.

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