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Sally's Journal
May 4th, 2003
05:03 pm


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Sigh. Just when I'd got all my ranty stress and misery out of myself Stuart knocks it back to square one. Not even with anything with any sense in it! I mean, it's about as well founded and reasoned an argument as if I had written "Magic the Gathering is the root of all societies evil" I might not like it, but whats the point in dissing someone elses fun? I could have taken something like "cules has some bad points because..." or even "cules is a bad thing because..." but using stupid, untrue emotional words like evil is just well out of order and completely out of line for the wiki. I just have to stop rising to it though, I'm becoming just as bad and even more personal.

Sigh. On the bright side I now know that I still care about CULES, lots and lots... which is good, after lots of moans from James and Chel I was starting to think I was just sick of it all.

Ooh, look, an IM from Stuart:

CULES is evil says:
Are you busy? I probably owe you half an apology...

He owes me a good deal more than half an apology, and trying to apologise under that pseudonym isn't doing him any favours. I think I'll ignore it, it's either that or rant at him again.

Current Mood: stressedstressed

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