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Sally's Journal
May 2nd, 2003
01:45 pm


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Procrastination, rather than a need to say things, leads to disinteresting livejournal entries.

Last night was sweet. Seems like I should make the effort to make Tom and I quality time more often, it's too easy to get bogged down in all the other stuff I have to do and tag him onto the end of it all.

And I'm not going to rant about Raven and the ceilidh. I'm bored of that. It's not like I don't have anyone going (the whole of twister, half of Queens', and a few other nice people... oh, and half of Raven, to add injury to insult...)

Massage didn't go great, I think I looked desultory and too quick, and I haven't done the intermediate course anyway, so it's a mayweek tuesday night in at home while my more organised friends go off to Queens' ball... Still, all the wonderful people who allowed me to get practise in didn't seem to be complaining, so I suppose it wasn't a complete waste of time...

Current Mood: listlesslistless

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