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Sally's Journal
December 19th, 2004
12:13 am


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Went to see The Incredibles

It was really really lovely. Yet another one of those kids films that really seem to have their story pitched as much at adults as at kids though. Every character in it was completely stereotyped, from the bored and abstracted father, to the harrassed housewife mother, the arrogant small boy and the shy goth teenager. But I felt they were stereotyped very well - after all, where is the line between "horribly cliched" and "spot on observation of a character type"? Anyway, wherever it is, they toed it well. Also I'm at that tender engaged age where it's really nice to see couples dealing with kids and life and work and stuff and still being very much in love for all their bickerings and doubts.

Also, the whole idea of "superheros being sued for saving people who didn't want to be saved / got damaged during the rescue attempt" is very much of our times (people are now generally advised you're better off attempting to help someone if you don't have a first aid qualification than if you do) and it's nice to see the point that this is stupid being made in a media that will hopefully reach lots of americans / stupid people / etc.

The rest of the evening was nice too. But now I'm worn out from Christmas shopping and just want to curl up in bed. Sorry ewx :-(

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