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Where did the time go? I turn round, and it's nearly December. If… - Sally's Journal
November 24th, 2004
05:13 pm


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Date:November 24th, 2004 08:04 pm (UTC)
CULES stuff sounds utterly doom-worthy. Argh. Quite why you'd be known as the 'vacuum cleaner play people' sounds like a story worth telling, though.

What does antinomy have to do with your socks (or indeed anyone else's)? I can vaguely imagine that the nature of socks being made in pairs, but never found thus is an antimony, but moving it into your house doesn't seem to make much sense.

OUCH. How did it get to be 4am when I wasn't looking?
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Date:November 25th, 2004 03:26 am (UTC)
Oh, it's not really doomworthy, it's just me being an old git and unable to let go 90% of the time. (10% of the time they really are stupid, but everyone's allowed that :-) ) The vacuum cleaner play is benparkers story to tell, not mine however... I was just amazed it remained in the memories of the schools for at least 4 years...

The antinomy would have made far more sense if I had used antinomy rather than being too lazy to write lj tags. She is currently living in my bedroom*, which means there is often a slumbering person between myself and my sock draw.

4am does that, at least you were seeing it from the right side...

*This isn't a huge problem as I tend to sleep with emperor wlog
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