Sally (atreic) wrote,

Where did the time go? I turn round, and it's nearly December. If that was two months of PhD I should quit now - I've done pitifully little work and feel hellishly behind. Still, at least things should calm down a bit once term finishes.

Feel very guilty supervising at the moment - I know far less about groups than one of my supervisees, who is obviously really keen on them, and asks questions like "I read in this book all finite groups have been catagorised in the 70s. What are the different catagories?" Ah well. I am the good end of BALGE, and must remember that, and as he takes the subject further he will get better and more specialised supervisors...

Have a major CULES rant instead of a minor one for a change, but have run out of energy to rant about CULES over my livejournal. Basically the play has a sceen in it where Santa calls the kiddywinks up on stage and gets them to sing and dance with him. I can see why this might be magical and lovely, but I can also see it being doom on a stick (not only from a crowd control point of view, but also because the kids we perform to can't talk or move). My gentle "I'm a bit worried about this" email was met with a "we've discussed it together in rehersal". Which got a far firmer "I don't want you to discuss it with each other, I want you to discuss it with the schools" in reply. Which got no answer at all. :-( This is something that really worries me, and affects people outside of OULES and CULES, so I'm starting to grit my teeth and think about making a battle out of it. If nothing else, schools have long memories ("The vacuum cleaner play people?") and we need to keep our venues sweet. Still, I'll leave it until I see Daniel on Saturday.

Not much other news, can't remember when I last updated this, but antinomy is now moved in which is lovely (except when I want socks in the morning). Didn't get to see Queens' people in the end, but I will try and make this up to them as care at some point. And I still feel I'm normal and not some weird over-organised freak. I feel a poll is in order.
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