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Sally's Journal
November 2nd, 2004
03:12 pm


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Don't seem to be quite focussed today. Got probe calibration (mark II) moved to Friday, because I remembered I had a dentists appointment this afternoon, and then after all that the dentists phoned up to cancel due to illness. So now the stress is off (a little bit) I've gone into mooching mode. Plus I'm supservising tomorrow and really should have done some prepairation, but my supervision work is all at home, and I don't want to go home until I can pick up the work that needs marking (at 6).

So just generally mooching. Lunch was nice, got to know Alex a little better, although we ended up talking about weddings of all things... I bet I'm stored in his mind as "the engaged one".

Engineering is like learning a language. I find learning languages really hard :-(

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